The Annual Harvest Dinner



Without question this is the most exciting Harvest Dinner we have held. Not because it is the twelfth consecutive, nor because we have our first sparkling wine, nor that we are incorporating barrel tastings, nor the release of an exciting new wine. Not even the gift of a library wine to those enjoying the Wine Maker's Welcome, but simply because it is John Sutcliffe's 50th year in the United States, and as always, we source as much as possible from the farm!

Last Harvest Dinner September 9, 2019. Until next year!



2018 Stonefish (Cortez, CO), Dunton Hot Springs (Dolores, CO)

2017 Stonefish (Cortez, CO), Root (Flagstaff, AZ), Tinderbox (Flagstaff, AZ)

2016 Tinderbox Kitchen (Flagstaff, AZ)

2015 Dunton Hot Springs (Dunton, CO)

2014 Ore House (Durango, CO)

2013 Tinderbox Kitchen (Flagstaff, AZ)

2012 Brix Restaurant and Wine Bar (Flagstaff, AZ)

2011 O Eating House (Pojaque, NM)

2010 689 Bistro (Carbondale, CO)

2008 Kennebec Cafe (Hesperus, CO)

2007 Kennebec Cafe (Hesperus, CO)


The tradition of holding it on a Monday evening was my “tongue in cheek” response to my mother’s assertion that only really nice people can eat out on Mondays. “People like us” might be closer to what she meant. In playful celebration of that truly dated English snootiness, we continue to celebrate the Harvest on the second Monday in September.

This year will be our 11th Annual Harvest Dinner, as we missed a year after the first two brilliant dinners with Kennebec Cafe’. We needed to ensure that a future restaurant partner could meet the same elegant standard. Whenever possible, everything is sourced from the vineyard. Lamb, pork and beef we have raised; vegetables from the farm garden, fruit from the orchard and, of course, our auspicious wines.

In 2016, 132 guests survived wind, hail and rain that shredded the tent and overturned tables, in our new, towering “Iglesia” (the barrel room). Tinderbox Kitchen, our long time partner in Flagstaff, completed the onerous task with an adorable mixture of disbelief, talent, abandon and humor. I will never forget the crisp ranks of suckling pigs, bamboo spoons of bison tartar and impossibly ripe peaches with clotted cream.

-John Sutcliffe