The Team

From cowboys to ex-military, from snowboarding instructors to world travelers, Sutcliffe Vineyards is comprised of brilliant individuals with unique talents and unbridled passion for wine.




When meeting someone who has lived a number of lives, it is tempting to assume that it must have been constantly exciting. But a litany of adventures is more often evidence of a restless soul, afraid of permanence, less driven by the promise of the next adventure than a tiredness with the current one. That is how John describes himself. He is settled now and to us his remorseless optimism makes all of this possible. Soldier, cowboy, restaurateur, polo player and now vineyard owner, lives that others might dream of, but just think of him as great company at this beautiful vineyard.




Jesús has run at Battlerock Ranch for almost 20 years, years before the Vines were planted. He and John ran cattle then and cut hay before planting the first 2 acres of Vines in 1995. Born in Chihuahua he began working in the Wyoming oil fields before his 16th birthday. In 1990 he gained his US citizenship and settled with his family here in McElmo Canyon. He is involved in every part of the wine-making process and has his own vineyard of Merlot and Chardonnay, directly to the east of his home. It produces the best grapes we harvest. The way a mine has a canary, our vineyard has Jesus with his uncanny nose for any incipient flaws….. his palette is extraordinary and his opinions are never ignored. Mechanic, plumber, electrician, gardener, farmer, cowboy and wine maker, might be a concise way of describing Jesus’ irreplaceable role in the Vineyard.